In anticipation of The Final Shape expansion set to launch in June, numerous Destiny 2 players are eagerly voicing their desire for Bungie to introduce three specific armor sets into the game. Discover the fervent hopes and expectations surrounding the inclusion of these long-awaited sets from enthusiastic Destiny 2 enthusiasts.

Some Destiny 2 players are hoping that Bungie will add three armor sets that have long existed in the franchise but are not obtainable when The Final Shape launches. With every new season of Destiny 2, Bungie has added new armor sets to the first-person shooter to the point where the game has a massive collection for players to choose from. Whether it is Strikes, Crucible, Iron Banner, or raids, almost every activity in the game has an armor set that players can chase after.

Fashion in Destiny 2 has always been a significant feature in the game, with armor having a central role. With the addition of Destiny 2's Appearance Customization System, players could change their armor to look like another piece, provided they had first unlocked it. The transmog system allows most Destiny 2 players to now wear their strongest armor pieces to tackle endgame content and not have to sacrifice look for functionality. However, despite having so many armor pieces to choose from, there are some that have stuck with players since their Destiny days.

This is the case with the very first armor sets that players will see their Guardian in when looking at the character selection screen upon booting up Destiny. For Hunters, the armor set is a brown one that features a helmet with what looks to be an air filter, while the selectable Warlock character wears a long red jacket that is opened from the waist down. On the other hand, Titans could select a character wearing a white and black plated armor set. Variations of these armor sets were shown to be worn by a fireteam in the Season 19 Witch Queen cutscene where the Traveler leaves the Tower and Earth.

Players Want The Destiny Character Selection Armor Sets In The Final Shape

While the exact sets are not in the game, players have found similar armor pieces, such as the Prodigal armor set worn by Warlocks. The post by Reddit user HimB0Z0 prompted some fans to share armor sets that they would love to see added to Destiny 2, with one even hoping that Commander Zavala’s is added to the game. Some fans believe that the addition of these armor sets would be an excellent way to end what has been a decade-spanning series.

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