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A talented Palworld fan has created an incredibly realistic rendering of Incineram, one of the game’s Fire and Dark-element Pals. Pocket Pair’s Palworld has quickly risen to the top of Steam charts despite only being released in early access for Xbox and Steam a few days ago.

One of the draws of the game is the wide variety of Pals that are located in several biomes all across the vast Palpagos Island. These Pals fall into nine different elements, such as Fire, Dragon, and Water, and are further divided into several categories of work suitability in tasks like Kindling, Transporting, and Farming. In addition to Pals being an integral factor for a thriving base, players can use them in combat. Now that gamers have had some time to experience the game, some creative ones are being inspired to create fan art of their favorite Pals.

This is the case for one Palworld fan called W.REX on Twitter, who created a stunning 3D model of Incineram using ZBrush, a digital sculpting program. W.REX’s version of Incineram looks similar to Pocket Pair’s; however, the artist incorporated several details to make the Pal seem like it was something that could be found in the real world. One of these features is the muscular definition that the artist implemented throughout the model, in addition to the white fur around the Pal’s neck and ankles. Another detail that stands out in W.REX’s sculpture is Incineram’s bone-like horns, which have some faint scratches, indicating that the Pal is no stranger to battles.

W.REX’s version also has Incineram wielding a bright yellow fireball that illuminates the dark background, representing the Pal’s dual nature as a Fire and Dark-element type. W.REX’s model of Incineram is strikingly intimidating and matches the Pal’s Paldeck’s entry, which states that it uses the cover of night to hunt its prey. The artist’s post was well-received on Twitter, with many fans agreeing that the design was cool, with some even comparing it to the demons from the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Players wanting to capture an Incineram would have to head to the game’s volcanic biome located in the southwestern part of the map during the day. However, it should be noted that this is a high-level area, so players should prepare a number of items, such as the Heat-Resistant Armor, before tackling the region. While leveling up, players can chase several other powerful Pals, like the Dark-type Helzephhyr, before going after Incineram. Players can also hatch Incineram from eggs, if they're lucky.

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