Celebrate the Lunar New Year with exciting news for Pokemon fans! Speculations are running high about a possible release of Squishmallows to honor the Year of the Dragon. Get ready to join in on the festivities and add these much-anticipated collectibles to your collection. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to commemorate the Lunar New Year with Pokemon and Squishmallows!

Pokemon is reportedly coming out with new Squishmallows to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Pokemon's Squishmallow designs have been widely popular, selling out quickly after launch. The latest Pokemon Squishmallows were based on Clefairy and Teddiursa.

Pokemon often celebrates holidays in various ways, be it through special game events or limited-edition merchandise. Pokemon Sleep, for example, featured Pikachu wearing a Santa hat for its Christmas event. For the Lunar New Year back in 2022, Pokemon GO spotlighted cat-like Pokemon to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.

With the Lunar New Year coming up in a few weeks, many Pokemon fans believe that the next Squishmallow release is meant to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Twitter user PokemonRestocks shared a screenshot from an unnamed Dutch retailer, which listed Dragonite as an upcoming Squishmallow design. The Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon from Generation 1 is considered one of the most recognizable Dragon-type Pokemon in the franchise. Also rumored to join this wave of Squishmallows is Marill, a Water/Fairy Pokemon.

Rumored Pokemon Squishmallows

Although the rumored new Squishmallows haven't been confirmed yet, many Pokemon fans have already expressed their excitement over the designs. There were also a number of people requesting Squishmallows of Psyduck, especially with the popularity of Netflix's Pokemon Concierge, and the Eeveelutions. PokemonRestocks also didn't indicate a release date for the Dragonite and Marill plushies, but if these are meant to be a Lunar New Year release, Pokemon would have to reveal them before February 10th. It's also possible that Dragonite will be a limited-edition Lunar New Year-only plushie, unless Pokemon announces a re-release after the fact.

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